Diana Carlsson, M.Sc.


Geologist, entrepreneur, and nature person

PhD student at the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Hamburg University


I am a geologist with a specific interest in metamorphic petrology, planetary geology, and astrobiology.


Previous projects have been petrographic studies of metamorphic rocks, hydrothermal fluid alterations and fluids implication for metamorphism, as well as geological and geochemical conditions controlling microbial colonization in igneous oceanic crust. My goal is to do research towards planetary geology and astrobiology, to get a better understanding on how bedrock and hydrothermal processes can contribute to the conditions for early life.


My current work is aimed to understand how extreme climate, and impact events can be recorded in fossilized microorganisms found in the deep biosphere. By studying the connection between past life, the surrounding mineralogy, as well as the role of hydrothermal fluids, we might be able to reconstruct Earths climate. I will also evaluate if and how fossilized life in open pore spaces in bedrock might be used as a biosignature, as well as to get a better understanding on where to find possible life on other terrestrial bodies.